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Kev Maslin is a Black Country lad, currently based in Tipton at the heart of the West Midlands canal network. He has a real passion for photographing inland waterways, which is
just as well, as it's nigh on impossible for him to travel anywhere without crossing a canal, either with or without water.

He recalls, with some fondness, his early encounters with the Dudley No.1 Canal at Delph Locks:

"Me and my mates used to go along mob-handed, each armed with just a jam jar and a little fishing net. On one unfortunate occasion one of the lads fell in, but was rescued and
taken on board a passing 'barge' by its kindly owner to dry off. This curtailed our angling exploits for a while and the Stickleback population of Brierley Hill was able to breathe easily once again"

Several years later he was reintroduced to the delights of the cut by a work colleague, who suggested that the colourful boats thereon would make excellent subjects for his burgeoning photography interests. Absolutely hooked, he spent the next 20 years or so as a keen waterway photojournalist, supplying pictures and feature articles to the specialist magazines and book publishers and library material to British Waterways, while maintaining a lively involvement in the voluntary sector as a member of the Inland Waterways Association and as editor of the BCN Society's house magazine, Boundary Post.

Fast forward to the present day and Kev is as keen as ever. Still pounding the towpaths, he now specialises in photographing historic boats, and this is reflected in his regular social media contributions and the associated merchandise he produces, such as the ever-popular Historic Narrow Boats calendar, which is now in its sixth year.


For information about commissioning or purchasing Kev's work, please email: [email protected]

Tel: 07973 420607