Charlotte Ashman


Charlotte Ashman- Lino prints

 About Charlotte

The work I make has always been a response to the patterns between things around me. This can range from patterns of speech, physical interaction with the environment or simply appreciating the patterns made by water or leaves. The way that the industrial past (the beautiful architecture and engineering) and constantly evolving present collide in this environment is a constant source of amusement and frustration for me. 

I have been exhibiting artwork and working with community groups to produce public pieces of art since graduating in 2004. Initially, my work took the form of large scale sculptural pieces but since moving onto a narrowboat I have been drawn to the more traditional technique of lino printing as a medium. All of my prints are kept to small editions because of the small space in which I make them and are hand burnished instead of being printed by using a press. This process makes each individual print unique.

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