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Lynda Peirce - Painting, Photography and Canalware

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About Lynda

I was born in 1957 to an RAF family and spent a very adventurous childhood until settling in Norfolk in the early 70's. After a variety of jobs I trained as a Nurse and then relocated to Northamptonshire when I met my husband. We moved to an old forestry cottage in the middle of a wood and bought up our 2 children in an idyllic environment. 

In 1990 we bought our first boat, a tired cruiser that we lovingly restored and began our adventures on the River Nene. At every opportunity we crammed into our tiny vessel and explored every inch of the local waterway. 4 years later after outgrowing her we bought our first Narrowboat. A 40 foot Project..!

That's when I started to paint. I taught myself from books and video's and was never without a paintbrush in my hand. By the time we sold 'Dorothea' she was a much loved, garish mishmash of every new technique that I was trying to learn! We began the millennium on our final boat 'Gower' a 70' chugger who we all fell in love with at first sight. By the time we had finished making her our home I was confident enough with my painting to do a few 'bits & bobs' for friends and family and from then on I have never stopped. From my little woodland studio I paint anything that takes my fancy and I like the unconventional challenge as much as my take on Traditional canal ware.

My coloured drawings are created whilst we are away on the boat and every trip brings a new idea to an ever growing set of prints following the romantic journey along the waterways of Britain with Elsie Barge and her old working Narrowboat.

I am also a keen photographer and rarely without a camera in my hand. I find inspiration from my surroundings where ever I may be and take the greatest of pleasure in enjoying my life.

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